Lean and Six Sigma Case Studies

We have picked some of our projects to show as Lean and Six Sigma case studies.

We have conducted a huge variety of Lean Six Sigma projects across the World. Projects have been conducted in many fields and many industries. Some projects are short and sweet while others have taken many months to complete. Some have been complicated with multiple obstacles and others have been fairly simple.

Here, we have tried to pick projects that cover a good spectrum between industries and difficulty levels, etc.

We hope the case studies below can give you a good idea of how versatile Lean Six Sigma is. Hopefully, they may also give you some ideas on how to conduct your own Lean Six Sigma projects.

Case Study #1 - Formed Helical Wires for Japanese Market
Looks at how our client's factory was able to break into the Japanese market by using the DMAIC process.

Case Study #2 - Inventory Reduction for Drilling Fluids Company

Looks at how we were able to drastically reduce inventory levels for our client in the oil and gas industry.

Case Study #3 - Productivity Improvement for Steel Hardware

Looks at how we increased productivity for a steel hardware manufacturing company. Capacity was increased with no extra investment.

Case Study #4 - Cost Reduction Through Capability Studies

Looks at how product cost was easily reduced for a company producing formed steel wires. It is a good example of how easily simple tools can help you cut cost.

Case Study #5 - Handling Time Reduction at Call Center

Looks at how our client, a call center, was able to greatly reduce the average handling time of inbound calls.

Case Study #6 - Reduction of Days Sales Outstanding

Looks at a large oil and gas company which had taken over multiple smaller companies over the years and was planning to acquire even more. Due to this, it was extremely important for them to increase their cash flow.

Case Study #7 - Online Top-Up for Prepaid Cellular Service Provider

Looks at a cellular service provider's problems with their online top-up system and how the DMAIC process was used to fix it.

Case Study #8 - Statistical Survey Analysis for Improvement

Looks at how a call center used statistical techniques to analyze survey results to find conclusive answers on the actions to be taken to increase customer satisfaction.

Case Study #9 - Aluminum Casting Lead Time Reduction

Looks at how a company that manufactures aluminum castings was able to increase efficiency and reduce production lead times by using Lean principles.

More Lean Six Sigma case studies will be added regularly, so make sure to come back often to keep up with them!

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