Lean Six Sigma Consulting and Training

We are a highly motivated and experienced team of Lean Six Sigma consulting professionals. We are subject matter experts with a passion for reducing waste and improving quality. All of our consultants and trainers have 'lived' through their own transformations prior to joining MICON. They understand first-hand the challenges you will encounter when transforming your organization. This practical experience combined with theoretical expertise is critical for effectively guiding and assisting you as you move forward with all aspects of Lean Six Sigma.

Our consultants understand that change is difficult - and we know how to tackle these difficulties. We realize that empowering the process owners and people within the process to make the right changes is the only way to sustain improvements. With the right knowledge and some hand-holding, we ensure that right changes are made from within - not by outsiders. After all, nobody knows the process better than the people who are in it everyday!

Our Lean Six Sigma consulting team has extensive experience with all Lean Six Sigma tools and related disciplines and practical hands-on experience. Each of our consultants has had at least 10 years of practical experience with Lean and Six Sigma.

Our organization delivers public & onsite training and implementation throughout Asia. We have offices in Thailand and Malaysia, and our consultants are stationed across multiple cities in the Asia Pacific region.

With our partners, Oriel Stat-A-Matrix in the USA and R&G Global Consultants in Europe, we have a global reach and can provide training and consulting worldwide.

We work with organizations from all sectors, some of which include: heavy manufacturing, food processing, electronics, semi-conductors, oil and gas, telecommunications, and BPOs.

We have trained and coached hundreds of Lean Six Sigma professionals and consulted on five continents. We have used the concepts of Lean and Six Sigma to improve processes in all types of business functions including operations, supply chain, quality, finance, engineering, customer service, human resources, and administration.

Our clients range from the Fortune 500 to small and medium size enterprises. They all share the goal to be more profitable at a lower cost of doing business. They also share the aim to be champions of quality and efficiency in their industry. Some of our clients include organizations such as Disney, Nestle, Colgate Palmolive, Keystone Foods, Osram, Kraft Foods, Dell Computers, MI Swaco, iOmega, Schlumberger, Hutchison-Whampoa, and many more.

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