What Is Lean Six Sigma?
How Can It Help Your Company?

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two very powerful business management techniques - Lean and Six Sigma.

Lean is a simple strategy that focuses on elimination of waste, variation, and work imbalance. It is a culture of continuous improvement and customer focus through the optimization of both information and material flow. Under the Lean culture, every step in every process should add value for the customer. Anything that does not add value for the customer is considered to be waste. The main objectives of Lean are to reduce lead times and increase efficiency.

Six Sigma is a highly statistical and data driven approach to solving complex business problems. It uses a methodical five phase approach (DMAIC) to help you understand your process and the variables that affect it so that you can optimize your processes. Six Sigma is the ultimate goal for any company that has a vision of unparalleled quality and capability.

lean six sigma dmaic

With one's focus on efficiency and the other's focus on quality, these two methodologies form a very powerful combination. They can lead your organization to the highest levels of efficiency, reliability, and profitability. Through the use of tools and concepts, your organization can increase profitability and cash flow through the reduction of:

- Cost
- Lead times
- Resources required
- Space
- Defects and Errors
- Customer Complaints

Mittal Consultants (MICON) can help you reach the pinnacle of quality and efficiency through the proper implementation of these methodologies. All of our consultants and trainers have "lived" through breakthrough improvement transformations in multiple industries. They have extensive experience with all the tools and related disciplines. This knowledge and diverse experience allows us to deliver double digit improvements in key metrics involving cost, quality, delivery, and productivity in just a matter of months.

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